What colors were popular in the 1920’s? – Fringe Flapper Dress

The color blue is still more popular than silver or red. This is partly because of the color wheel that was popularized around this time by the American color theorist and fashion designer Alexander Gray , who first created a color wheel in 1913. Here’s a quick guide to the color wheel:

The most commonly used colors in the 1920’s were yellow, green, red, and pink. Gray’s Color Wheel

As you can see in the pictures above, yellow was the most popular color of the 1920’s. Other popular yellow colors were green, red, and green.

Green was also very popular at the time. As you can see in the picture above, many people liked the bright green look of green.

A similar color system was used in other countries. The most popular color in France and the Czech Republic was red. Red was also the most popular color for Germany, although the American red was much more popular.

The color wheel also showed us what the most popular colors were. For example, the United States had the most popular blue and the red was the most popular red (and the most popular in Belgium). The color wheel also showed us how most people wore the colors they loved. In Britain, the most popular color was teal, and yellow and scarlet were the most popular colors for the French and others.

The color wheel also showed us the popular colors of the popular movies. Movies were also much more popular back then as people were more interested in the stars. People were also more into fashion on more expensive watches.

The color wheel of the 1920’s also showed us the colors that most people preferred. In France, green was the most popular color and a lot of people in Paris wore green clothes and green suits.
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We also found out that people would choose colors by reading news. In France, we saw news constantly from the Paris Daily News. If you were interested in French news at that time, you would often see the Paris Daily News on TV. We found lots of pictures of people wearing yellow or green in the newspaper. (Yes, yellow was more popular in France than it was in the United States.)

In the United States, we see pictures in the newspapers and magazines of people in yellow shirts and green pants. Yellow was often seen on the street as well as in the music industry as they called it. In the United States, a lot of people preferred green to blue, and the green was much more popular.

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