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The 1980’s was also not a good years for color. With the explosion of computer screens people’s use of the color of the digital display was dropping. And as technology progressed there was no “original” color to go by.

But by the 1990’s, the colors that had been associated with popular music were losing their appeal.

What colors were popular in the early 1980’s?

The most popular color in the 1980’s was green and that is why I chose it. Other colors were just not that popular. The most popular color in the 1980’s was red, which of course still is today!

What was the most popular color then?

The most popular color in the 1950’s was orange. I used that all my life. The most popular color in the 1980’s are still: green, blue, orange and red.

Where did you first use color theory?

My teacher at the University of Chicago, Dr. William Muhlbauer, I remember using color theory when I was 16 years old. I had never used color science. I just learned by reading books and by experimenting.
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What was the most popular color in the 70’s?

The color red.

What color was popular in the 80’s?

Blue. Blue was very popular in most places.

What colors were popular in the 1990’s?

The most popular colors are still: green, blue and orange.

What were the most popular colors in the 1980’s?

These colors were mostly yellow. I am still using them today.

Who did you use to create your own color palettes?

There was one lady called John Bournette who created the following 4 different color palettes. The names of these palettes he changed after his death in 1974.

What is the most popular color now?


What colors are popular in the 90’s?

Blue, green and yellow.

Do you have any color theory books or books on history of color?

Yes, I wrote a chapter for my graduate course called “Making Color” in 1978. It was titled “How Color was Made and Why We Made It.” And then in 1981 there was “Color Theory: From the Painter to the Professional Painter.” And in 1982 I finished creating books on History of Color. It has 2 volumes now.

What color system was the most used in color theory between 1910

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