What colors were popular in the 1980’s?

It began to shift toward darker shades of blue and purple, but a lot of it had to do with the rise of the disco scene. People actually started wearing black under their suits, which was at one point the new chic color. However, the disco era took off pretty quickly, and people started looking for new ways to express themselves.

In the 1990’s, the colors of red and yellow went on a massive spike, but people started looking for new ways to express themselves. A lot of that was because of the advent of hip-hop as well. The music was becoming more and more mainstream during this time, and it definitely influenced the fashion design of both young and old alike.

I’m a big fan of the look! Did you notice that there has never been a time in the history of fashion when everybody wore the same thing?

There have been times where fashion has been more about fashion, but there’s never been a time where everybody’s been wearing the same thing. It’s the same way you’ve always had people wearing the same thing. And that’s why it’s beautiful, and I’ll never be able to explain, but I guess it was always just that way.

You’ve spoken in the past about how your father, George, was an entrepreneur who opened a furniture store, who was a photographer, and who was a music artist. You are the third of eight children, and how does that compare to the other members of the family?

I’ve probably grown up with the most brothers and sisters. My older sisters are my closest companions nowadays. They’re not the people who have anything to do with fashion. My younger siblings, they’re my family and it’s like, what do I have to wear? How do you tell me not to play with my sister? So it’s just a much easier environment to have these people around.

I’m the youngest, and it’s really fun to be like a little sister because my brothers and sisters actually work. So I’ve got to spend every day with them, and make sure we’re all just like the same as far as fashion is concerned as parents. I have a lot of confidence in who my little sister is.

So how does that compare with the rest of the family?

There’s no big difference between us. The other cousins, they go out wearing suits, and we all wear suits, and they’re all going to work everyday. And there’s no real difference between us