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At first we were limited by stock, but in 1982 the first series was launched. Since then, we have produced a lot of products and launched several other lines of products. In addition to this, we have continued to publish a magazine and continue to publish a line of merchandise based on popular novels as well.

I will be very proud to own my own piece of the Star Wars universe.

Where do you find the inspiration that drives all your creativity?

That’s a difficult question. It really comes down to what the creator wishes to do with his or her creation. What would the Star Wars universe be like if it were created the old fashioned way? We’ve created over 1,500 characters over the years, from C-3PO through Darth Vader, which means that we create over 20,000 new characters per year – over 12,500 unique creations!

Where do you see these characters headed?

Our original vision of the Star Wars saga focused on the saga of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, but that wasn’t too popular with the public back in the early days. So now that audiences have been exposed to characters like Han Solo and Chewbacca, now it is our aim to create new Star Wars adventures that focus on new, original and unexpected heroes like Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron. They are more fun than ever before, and more of them should be created.

What other sci-fi and fantasy worlds have you encountered?

We have had the chance to experience some of these worlds in real settings, and have seen some amazing action scenes from our own movies. Most of these locations are based on real locations, such as the set of the Tatooine desert from the original Star Wars trilogy and the planet of Jakku in the original Star Wars film.
History in Photos: University of Chicago Archive

Can you tell us a bit about the world of the Star Wars galaxy?

Star Wars began as a comic book series in the 1940s, and then it made its way to many other titles, with more titles, like the Han Solo and C-3PO comic books in the 60’s and 80’s. We have also had our own series, called “The Dark Empire” written by Star Wars writer Kevin J. Anderson, which also focused on the world of the Star Wars universe.

Is there any fan fiction that you have created?

Yes! We have published a number of fan projects like the “Sith vs. Empire” and “Poe Dameron vs

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