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What are the key selling points of the current color-scheme of the game? Do those color-schemes define the character of today’s gamers?

A: The 1980’s was a time when computer gaming was beginning to take off. It wasn’t until much later that color-coding (or “color-scheme”) made any real inroads, but by then it was apparent that computer games’ popularity had begun to grow.

During those early years, the majority of games were based on color printing. The term color-coding came into circulation in 1978, though it has been used in the past to denote the most obvious way computer gamers could describe color-coded graphics. Color-coding was a much more recent phenomenon, and the term was coined more recently than that.

Today, only some games (such as the original X-Com series and the new XCOM: Enemy Unknown), and even those not based heavily on color-schemes, use color-coding for the purposes of distinguishing between colors. The reason is simple: color-coding simply wasn’t possible for any but the most rudimentary purposes.
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Back then, most gamers who played video games were used to the idea that some colors were more difficult to discern than others. The most expensive game could display a color-coded version of every part of enemies’ heads to aid in the identification process, and the game might even go so far as to “bastionsize” the colors of a certain type of enemy, perhaps so that they appeared darker, or “saturated.”

But there is a certain difference between these techniques and color-coding today. Today’s games use color-schemes to distinguish between the very smallest objects and creatures, and even simple objects like sprites and objects can be colored to a significant degree based on which type of objects they are.

You can see the difference between colors at a mere glance in a typical computer game. If you look closely, you’ll notice that white has some blue at its darkest point and some red among all of its color zones. If a computer game uses color-codes, every object in the game will look completely different. This means the player has no trouble distinguishing between a green monster while in the midst of using a color-coding scheme and a blue monster during the same action, and this difference becomes clearer as the game progresses.

As for which colors are popular in the 1980’s, in the end it comes down

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