What colors were popular in the 1980’s?

The 80’s were a time where disco ruled the radio. It was an exciting era. But, there were lots of classic disco parties that were fun and different for the ages. Some of the dances that we did involved people wearing giant masks and dancing in the streets. For example, I once had a party in a house in Long Island that involved a whole bunch of children with giant masks. Another party in an apartment complex was a one-man ballet. For fun, we had a party where the girls were all dressed up in costumes, and every time I would play the piano, someone would come up and take the piano away from me. And then I would find a new piano to play. The kids were so into it.

There was this one party I was going to as a kid in Long Island. I had a group of friends dressed up in drag called the Strictly RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. We were going to this house party and my mom made us make our costumes for the event, which was so crazy in 1984 I had never seen a girl or a boy get dressed like that! We did this party in the living room of the apartment we were sleeping at.

It was crazy and exciting, but at the same time, I didn’t understand how these women who all looked the same could do those things. There were only two of us at that party and two of my friends. But I had grown to become an adult and there was no reason for anybody to dress up like that.

Did you ever have a girl dress up as a guy?

I’d say yes, I did. When I was a little girl, I grew up watching “The Andy Kaufman Show” and he wore the same shirt, the same pants and the same shoes as me. My mom would always tell me how she was the hottest woman I have ever seen and that she wanted to do whatever he did. One day I got a package and it was a shirt with a guy on it and he had a dress shirt on. I took it to school and my teacher asked if I was going to wear it. I said “No, but I want to say it to you.” He gave me another one and said “that’s the one.” So I didn’t wear that one, but I took a pair of my other two shirts and I had two pairs of pants on. I never really got offended by that.

So I’m a little bit confused about why that