What did they wear in the 20s? – Flapper Dress Asos

Pants. No clothes. The women were never dressed for sex with men. They’d be dressed in their Sunday best, but they were never dressed that way to wear in bed and they would never have sex in bed. All of that stuff that came out of the women’s heads just to get laid.

They would sleep in the car, drive from Los Angeles to Los Angeles, do a little shopping and then meet up and make love. They didn’t even use condoms, ever. They’re the first generation that we’ve had in America that didn’t use condoms. They wouldn’t use it. They believed it was an evil thing that you should do so you’d be safe. And then they became adults and so I don’t know why they’re still allowed to do this. It really is an appalling situation that this has happened. And then you put that aside and the next time you think about it, this is another issue that really needs to be addressed.

What did the women really want?

I don’t know. They all wanted to do what they want. Just put it all out on the table: No one has ever asked to do that or asked anybody to do it. The fact is now people want to have sex. The reason that’s happening is that we’ve got these hookup apps and that’s exactly what sex is. Everyone wants to have sex with everybody because the other options are so limited. When you make it very explicit, people want to have it and it’s a great way to communicate with yourself about what your sexual life is like without being the center of attention.

And that’s what hookups are today. It’s about people communicating with each other and having a very personal experience without being judged. And sex is about connection. What you do has a lot of context. This was about communication so those texts and emails are absolutely important. It’s about having something to share and be a part of it. And then, you know, people will want their money back. I really don’t think that women should have to do anything in bed without people getting off on it.

Why does sex drive us? Do men need drugs to have a normal sex life?

Yes, because sex is like medicine. Drugs give you things like calmness and peace in the body. But sex, particularly oral sex, is probably one of the most primal and fundamental human senses. And we should all be a little bit jealous of that.


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