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I can barely pronounce that, but it’s something I’d wear if I were a guy.

Hannah: Well, that’s definitely the way things used to be, and it certainly is still possible for a person to flaunt the look without having the look ruined for them. Here’s the trick: If you have a girl friend who you really, really fancy at the mall, you can talk her into wearing it without having to explain that it’s a flapper dress that her friends think she’s too ugly to wear in public.

“I’m not a flapper dress, I’m a flapper dress,” Hannah said, pointing to the bag of shoes she was wearing. “And I’m not gonna wear any more of these now. I know if I wore one a bunch of times, it’d be an issue.”

The dress was a little too big, so Hannah had to get her feet in a couple of sizes down.

“I have a friend who wears one size too large,” Hannah said. “And I’ve never worn one of these, or bought one, or worn any of them, and I just don’t feel the same way about it, but there you go! No one’s going to stop you from wearing a flapper dress, and you will have many friends who are totally into it!”

There is an option for those who cannot wear a straight flapper dress. However, it is likely one of the more impractical or difficult to find options because it has a large, rounded silhouette and has to be made, either out of fabric, or out of a bra, or one size fits everyone.

While flappers have evolved over the past 100 years and may not look alike anymore, there are certain things that make some of the classic styles stand the test of time, like the pleats, the pleated skirt and even the back. But there are other items to consider if you want to create something that you cannot find today. These examples are more a guide than a definitive list, and they should still be helpful for anyone looking to make a new flapper dress for their first time. Enjoy!

If you’re looking to create a traditional flapper dress, you may want to look at one of the following ideas that will help you choose the right dress:

The History of 1920s Makeup - 1920 to 1929 | Glamour Daze
A pleated skirt or dress that features a pleated skirt and full skirt that has no straps. It’s typically the first style to evolve.

In some styles,

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