What is a flapper dress called? – Plus Size Flapper Dresses 5X

It’s what you see on a flapper, who don’t really care about fashion. There’s no business like it,” he said.

But despite the lack of a flapper business, Kallio believes there is still a demand for it, at least in his neighborhood.

“I do see a lot of people coming in looking for the dress. People are interested in it, I suppose,” he said.

“People are like I love the look, I don’t see it anywhere else.”

“You don’t need a fancy dress to go in downtown,” he added. “Even a girl can dress like one.”

“And sometimes, you can use a simple dress. I’ll wear it for shopping. It’s cute and I’m not afraid of my looks,” he said.

The business has a loyal customer base of young women looking to add more glamour to their wardrobes and a new style to their wardrobe.

As soon as the first Flapper Dress was placed in the inventory of a local art gallery, they received inquiries.

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