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A flapper girl is a popular name in the US-Canada community. It’s a slang term for a woman who wears tight-fitting clothing to attract a man. It’s considered an insult, and many people would prefer it to be changed to the more popular “wannabe” or “real flapper,” which in America is considered a compliment. A flapper girl is also usually dressed in flapper-esque attire when she’s in public.

Why is it bad?

Many cultures around the world feel that a flapper girl is associated with low social status and, as a result, is seen by others as a negative. It’s also frowned upon for men to refer to her as a flapper girl, which is considered disrespectful. Because this word is common in the English-speaking world, it’s also been misappropriated and used by some young adults to show their love for pop culture like movies, music, and video games.

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Who uses it?

In the UK, a number of teenage girls and women are using this term in a derogatory way to describe someone, usually a male. The term is also commonly used in the US, and was especially common in American social media before Facebook was invented. Other countries use it too, including Belgium, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands in Europe, Singapore in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Chile, and France.

Who is affected by it?

In many cases, a flapper girl can be a girl who feels bullied, is not being liked, or finds it hard to fit in. Some may also feel they are “different”, and feel like a lesser person. This is a tough situation for girls like these who feel out of place and struggle to fit in.

What is being done now to stop it?

There are a number of steps you can take to help stop this derogatory word – and not just by changing the way people describe you.

Firstly, know that the UK and US have common definitions for these terms: as a derogatory term for women of low social status. This is why you won’t find these in most UK and US English-language Wikipedia entries. This, however, doesn’t make the term OK, as there will always be places that use it in negative ways.

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