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A flapper girl is a young, pretty woman, either in her early to mid thirties or in her forties, who may wear tight-fitting clothing, often pink or pink-rimmed glasses, has short hair, and is typically seen wearing heels or other heels. In recent years, flappers have also gained a high public profile in the United States, with the popularity being a product of a larger trend of youth culture in general, and a desire to emulate a more glamorous and glamorous lifestyle.

Popular culture has also influenced popular culture. For example, the popular character “Flapper Jack” popularized a flapper lifestyle in the 1950s and has often been parodied in films and television shows. The flapper style is also known as “Swing and a Play” (aka Swing and a Flop), where the female character is dressed in a flapper style and dances wildly throughout a short number.


Flappers (1944)

The flapper girl as she appears in The Wizard of Oz.

The “Beverly Hills Chicks” cartoon from 1947.

A popular song by the Beach Boys (in 1967) titled “Flapper Jack”.

A poster for the film, the 1975 original Broadway musical The Color Purple, featuring a flapper.

A poster for the film, the 1975 original Broadway musical, The Color Purple, featuring a flapper.

The 1975 original Broadway musical, The Color Purple, with an original flapper featured in both posters.

The 1975 original Broadway musical, The Color Purple, featuring a flapper featured in one poster and the cover of the other poster from the book (though not all of the flapper/flashers have it in common with some of the other characters).


The Flapper (1974)

This film, starring Audrey Hepburn, is the earliest known adaptation of a flapper style, starring a blonde young woman wearing a black dress with a long skirt.

The Flapper in Flapper Jack, by Terry Gilliam.

The film Flapper Jack as seen in the 1974 book The Color Purple published by Simon and Schuster, which was the first novel by Alan Moore to be adapted for film by the popular DC Comics company, the same company that published the comics series Flash Gordon and The Flash of the same name. In the novel it was suggested to Hepburn that she try out for the role of “Fl

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