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For you, it might not be a flapper style dress. For others, it could be a fashion statement with all the cut, texture, and embellishments you can imagine. Regardless, there’s a difference and the best way to tell is the size.

When is a flapper style dress worn?

Flapper style dresses are often worn by women between the ages of 19 and 25. The majority of these dresses start out as one piece bodice pieces with long sleeves and a matching blouse. In the past decade, the flapper style dress was more formal and refined, but the modern flappers style dress is very trendy and flirty and has been around for many years.

To get an accurate measurement of your flapper style dress, you must be able to measure your body from bottom to top, using fabric tape, scissors, or an instant-read caliper. You should measure around the fullest part of the front right breastbone. You should also measure back and forth from the top of your hipbone to the back of your shoulder blades.

Do I have to wear a dress to a wedding?

The dress you wear depends on what part of the wedding event you are attending. Women can’t wear a casual wedding dress but they can wear a flapper style dress. To determine what part of the wedding dress you have to wear at your wedding, take the following measurements:

Left Side: Chest to Underbust = 7″ (17.7 cm) Left Side: Waist to Underbust = 6″ (15 cm) Left Side: Sleeve Waist: 10″ (27 cm) Right Side: Chest to Underbust = 8″ (20.6 cm) Right Side: Waist to Underbust = 5″ (12.3 cm) Right Side: Side Arm Length = 20″ (53 cm)

What if my wedding wedding dress doesn’t fit?

A flapper style dress is most likely to fit if it is a little smaller in the back from neck to bottom hem than your figure. For most women it is more accurate to measure from the top of your right shoulder to the bottom of your waist and also from the bottom to the top of the right hem (the edge between your shoulder to your shoulder blades).

You can also measure from the front to the back of the waistline.

If your wedding dress is too short for your figure, try another style.


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