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That sounds like a boring question. It isn’t. It is a gameday theme for your football team.

It’s called the Game of the Week. The “game” is a three-, five- or seven-minute drive that starts on offense and ends on defense (if the game ends in a tie). The most common game in the National Football League.

Why Game of the Week? Well, most teams have the same game plan, but occasionally different coaches will try to get a different mindset. Gatsby, in its early years, is notable for featuring three different starting offensive coordinators for two different games—a lot of coaches wanted to experiment, but many coaches, when they had only one game, feared Gatsby’s “Gators” would make drastic changes to their plans.
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Gatsby had no real playbook, and so coaches created their own Gatsby rules, which dictated the way the field was set up. Some teams made their Gatsby rules so that if you were not a gameday coach on offense, you were on offense in a Gatsby game. There was a lot of variation. Here, I’ll try to put the rules in the simplest way:

The field of play for game of the week is the Gatsby sideline.

There is no official scorer. The “official scorer,” however, is allowed to score for the Gatsby team.

A team scores if the opposing team’s score on offense is not equal to or greater than its score on defense. For example, if you are playing an 11-0 Gatsby team that has scored 15 points on defense, you could score 16. However, if you win the game by the same score, that would be a different score.

The scoring rules are very simple. For one shot, a game of football is played with:

1 timeout for each half

one team getting the ball on offense

two team on defense

4 plays of 15 yards or less

and any other play-by-play rules.

A Gatsby-related game is a drive that starts from the Gatsby sideline and goes all the way back to the opponent’s sideline. The drive is only one play (with the opponent getting the ball), with two teams kicking back-to-back field goals, with the offense taking possession on the first try. It goes back three to five plays, with most plays going all

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