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In the United States, this would be the time of the Petting Zoo (called “the fair” as the country was starting out). For the most part, the children, mostly boys, played tag and the children’s parents tended to have pets. It’s also the era of the Disney film, “The Jungle Book”, which was so popular that even the movie theater was having petting parties to show it off. The people in the United States still do some pretty weird things to their pets and sometimes they can bring other animals along to do the same.

This is something to do with the American idea of a home as a home – people don’t want their kids to have a “disease”. They want their children to be healthy and happy regardless of what it is that they have in “the cage”. It’s probably not the first time that society has been forced to accommodate animals as pets (I mean, have you heard that “PETA is a pet lover” thing?) but it wasn’t until the 20th century that the idea of owning animals as pets developed and this is largely due to the animal rights movement.

The fact that people were actually keeping pets in these days only makes this idea look even stranger. Pets were viewed as companions, things to be loved and people didn’t want to lose them.

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Of course, there have been some pretty interesting cases where animals have been brought into the homes of the owners to replace dead family pets.

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