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The answer is an invitation to meet up outside the dining room where the guests will be eating their meal. You may then have dinner with the children who are “petting the guests” in a similar manner. You may sit up with the family and eat their food, but you may also chat with them. It was a time where it was possible to speak freely.

Another example of when it was the right thing to do to have conversation with people:

We recently met a woman who had been a teacher for 17 years. In those 17 years she had had four children and had taught them what she would do (and what she did not do) with the money she earned. For her own amusement she came to our home once in a while to say fun things to us. A man and a woman of her generation would talk to each other all the time, and sometimes you would see a child who had taken over the conversation, and you would not say to that child, “Get out of your room, I do not know who you are.” Instead, you said, “So, what do you want to be when old enough to be a teacher?”

You did not say to one of the children, “What happened to the other children who were outside the dining room? Don’t tell them your name, for you know them better than they know themselves.” The child would think the conversation that they listened to was funny. At one point, she was having trouble in the conversation, and it was not until she saw the man at the other end of the line that she saw the other children and said, “Yes, I’ll tell them about you!” Then, as soon as the child saw you, he would get up, go outside the dining room, and say, “Yes, I know you, and I’ll have a talk with you.”
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You can also see how it is wrong for an adult to use a child to get their “feelings out” when they have done just as well to avoid the feelings themselves. It was the wrong thing to do, but it is not the right thing to do when there is an adult who is trying to protect their children from the pain of painful thoughts or


I wonder what lessons we could have learned from these children. Would they see more clearly the differences between what is “wrong” in the way we talk to each other with our children, and “wrong” with their parents? What would they think of an adult that would

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