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Marcelled hair is a fibrous cuticle. It arises from the scalp and is found on the scalp as a result of a process called sebaceous gland growth.

What causes marcelled hair?

Hair from the sebaceous glands grows into the hair, causing it to become tangy.

When the scalp or scalp hair is damaged or thinned, it forms a fine hair covering that protects the scalp hair from drying out and growing out again. Marcelled hair can also occur when the hair is cut, cut short, or shortened. Marcelled hair is a thickening of the hair shaft and prevents it from growing long. Marcelled hair has a distinctive appearance, which shows how the hair shaft used to be.

How does mending hair work?

Mending is a process of repairing damage to hair by exposing the hair with a metal plate or a sharp metal point. The plate breaks the hair in a way that allows the hairs to grow back again.

How do you do it properly?

Mending must not damage the hair. The plates are sharp and have no sharp edges. All you need to do is open the plate with a clean cutting instrument such as a knife.

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What is your opinion on mending hair?

The process of mending hair is important. It can help prevent tangles. This is because these types of hair can develop a tendency to grow out of control. There are other types of hair, which can also develop tangles and break off from the scalp. These types often do not have a tendency to break off, but can produce damage to the scalp. You will want to consider these types of hair for your hair restoration project.

How long can you spend mending at one time?

It depends on the length and type of hair you have. If you have thinned hair or damaged scalp hair, you can mending at a few months. If there is thickened scalp hair, you can mending at more. In addition, it is important to mending the hair once it starts to break up, as the process of the hair breaking can sometimes be painful. So, if you mending twice a week or more, think twice about it.

What should you do when mending your hair?

Mending the hair must always be done correctly. It is not enough to just close the plate on the right side of the hair. You may have

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