What shoes go with a flapper dress? – Flapper Girl Dress Amazon

That’s a tricky question.

Some of the best shoes for flapper dresses are high waisted pants with pleats. These are an easy solution to the flapper dress dilemma. They work best on the dress, but you can also wear them with heels if that’s something you feel comfortable doing. These pants are often called ‘flapper pants’ because they feature pleats and narrow leg openings that provide a perfect balance between fashion and style. In addition to flapper style pants, you’ll find a number of skirt styles with pleats as well, so I’ll focus primarily on those.

Flapper dresses have a great mix of styles. Some are more formal and formalist than others, and all of them are elegant. Here’s the list of different flapper dress styles to consider.

Boho / Vintage Style

Boho flapper dresses are usually tailored or form-fitting and have a classic shape with a little extra flair. These dresses are great for the first few weeks or months before you settle into a more formal attire you’ll wear for a long time. These dresses have plenty of pockets, low necklines, but have enough flair to bring out your personality. While these dresses aren’t essential to flapper dresses, you can always wear these dresses in their non-flapper version.

Glamor / Tout

Tout flappers are pretty casual flappers with a hint of glamour. They’re pretty fun and fun-like dresses. Often they’re tailored or fit more closely to your body than to a modern flapper dress. While they’re more feminine than most of the other styles on this list, they’re great dress choices even for a casual flapper. These dresses are quite comfortable, but not too formal. They are ideal for lounging around and walking around in your favorite cocktail dress or cocktail skirt and high heels.

Fashionable / Vintage Style

This dress style of flapper dress is really easy to wear. You can wear it with pants, skirts, or dresses. Fashionable flapper dresses can also be worn with pumps and boots. These dresses are not as common as the fashion-forward and flapper dresses, but are very flattering to any shape. They’re comfortable overall, although there are pockets that you’ll need to be aware of for those special occasions.


Pajamas flappers aren’t the most formal dress, so they aren’t the best option for most flappers looking to wear

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