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They were trying to prove that everything they did was for the right. It was like the old women that don’t have husbands to look after them. And that there are things that are worth more than anything else. Some are greater than money. Money is a small one, but it can mean everything. And things that are bigger than that—things that make us happy at the end of the day—are worth greater things as well.

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The book is called “Shall We Dance”?

Yeah. We all have a good time, right? For sure.

Why so?

It all kind of depends on what you’re into. Some people are into being happy, and it’s not the same as being happy for other people. They want to be liked and loved. But you can’t have a healthy relationship without being positive and feeling good about yourself. It takes effort to be happy and not have negative feelings. They’re like happy little people who like to be good for the other guy; that’s how you get it.

Were you a big fan of music? What inspired the name for “Shall We Dance”?

I was a big fan of country music. It was the coolest thing. I’d go for country shows with my cousins, and we’d all be there together, singing and rocking, and the older I got the more we’d go to that type of music. That’s how I was raised. When I was little, I did a lot of country music. The only thing I didn’t do was rock and roll. My dad’s background is in country music. We used to get dressed up as cowboy hats at concerts. The boys got together and dressed in their cowboy hats and they rocked on stage. I’ve always loved it.

Why was it that your music didn’t work at the beginning?

I think I did have good songs, I think I always would, but I didn’t want too many radio hits. I wanted to put out songs that made you feel good, and I’ve been able to do that. I was doing a lot of country records on the local radio. But after the ’72 tour, we didn’t have any radio shows back home. And my band was doing country records, and the only places that would play them were on the East coast. For whatever reason, the market wasn’t there for us; the label was too busy. When I started thinking about country music as being my brand, I

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