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The dress was not “flapper” in the true sense of the word, as its design was a simple pattern by women who had an interest in fashion.

How much is the dress worth?

In 2017 the dress is estimated to be around $1.5 million or about $25,000 USD; in 2007 the value of the dress was estimated at $2.7 million or about $75,000.

It is believed that many flappers were wealthy enough to allow them, or the couple’s offspring or children, to inherit the dress when their mother came of age. In many instances, a child inherited the dress for no profit to the mother or the infant’s or young adult’s parents.

The last name is one that could also be considered a curse for a woman, because not all flappers were related to the woman who created it, according to author Michael Stoll. Stoll’s book says the name is a reference to the “flattering” features of the dress, which became popular with women in the 1930s.

“There was a certain amount of vanity to the idea of a woman wearing a dress and it often was the ‘flapper’ of her house or neighborhood, not the mother whom the parents adored but the woman with all her charms and all that she had learned to do, and the dress was the symbol of that,” Stoll said.

The phrase “I can’t be seen with anything less” is also used in reference to the dress, even though it does not contain the words “flapper”.

Who was Flashing

It is not exactly known who is actually thought to be the originator of the term, but most scholars believe it was first used in 1938 by American author and flapper Betty Friedan, a feminist leader during the 1960s. In an article written in 1967, Friedan wrote:

We need a word to give to the flapper of our leisure and her wild hair, and a word to represent the clothes that give her all the glamour of the street; she is the real flapper, not the dresser.

The dress is seen throughout the world; it is often referred to as the “flapper dress” by American tourists and especially by the British as the “Flashing Girl” dress.

What is the historical context for the phrase “flashing”?

When is the Flapper Dress?

The flapper dress became a symbol

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