Who is the most famous flapper? – Cheap Plus Size Flapper Dresses

(No, you’re not asking)

If a new flapper comes at you she will tell you who she is. She could say, ‘My name’s Flapper, come meet me.’ Sometimes they tell you who they are while you are in their company but most of the time it’s a secret. If you’re at the club you can ask her if she’s at the party.
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Most of the time when we talk, I make sure everyone knows who we are talking about. Once the flapper’s name is known she will know I’m talking about her! The easiest way to do this is to say, “It was the most beautiful day of my life last night, a stunning day, and I thought the weather looked great. What happened? What the hell!?” The flapper will have no idea. I can tell from her reaction, she’s a little pissed off and doesn’t know how to respond. I have found this to be very effective. If we’re talking about something in the past and I don’t know what she’s talking about, she will say, “I don’t remember, did I ever tell you I went on a date?” I’ll say yes and then I’ll tell her who it was that made me tell her. If we are talking about something that just happened, she will say something like “I don’t remember, I met a lovely young guy and we went on a date, why was he so nice? Why was he so funny and cute? I don’t remember you.” I say ‘No, I don’t remember, he was really nice and funny and I went on a date with him.’ This will usually get her interested. If I don’t think they’ll remember because we are talking about something that’s already happened I will say, “Just tell me what happened and I’ll remember. I’m busy today.”

Now I’ve told you how to get your flapper friends to remember your name but is there a trick you can use to get your other friends to remember your name? Absolutely!

When you are talking to your flapper friends, tell them what you want them to say so they will know what you want to say. I will say, “I was talking about how beautiful the weather was last night, you can get it from me. This is what I was talking about.” I’ve found that the flapper will respond back, “So, you want to show me the weather? Are you going to tell me

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