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“The Flapper Dress was made in 1858 by Mary Hesselaar. It features a pattern of four buttons with a crescent button below the center of the button and a single, three-quarter length button on the left (resembling a butterfly cut from a skirt) with three different styles of buttoning: the flat button, the pointed edge, and the round. The pattern is similar to the type often used a few years later in the 18th century for the 18th century style waistcoat.”

What color is the flapper dress (gold-colored)?

“From the 1885 catalog, the flapper dress shown in photos was red and had gold trim. The red is shown on some of the sleeves and on the front of the bottom of the back panels of the dress is a gold trim stripe, but the gold trim appears to be missing in some photos.”

Did the flapper dress ever be worn in court?

No. The dress, described as “fashionable and elegant,” was created by Mary Hesselaar and was introduced when the “flapper” craze was gaining popularity. But on August 11, 1872, she died after a brief bout with pneumonia and became the first ever woman to be shot dead at the White House.

What did Mary Hesselaar say about the flapper dress?

She was very positive about it, and gave an interview to Life magazine in the early 1930s. As she described in her Life interview, “A lot of people who came to the house had been looking at a lot of old pictures and had never seen anything that they could compare it to. They found that it looked quite appropriate. It was very beautiful, with the golden trim, and then, to finish it off with, this sort of crescent button was done; it would only have been worn by men. It was something like two buttons crossed over each other and at the other end of the crescent button it was three quarters of a button.”

What was one feature on the dress that might be considered “modern”?

According to the original catalogs, the dress featured “flaps which are raised up to form four buttons in a diamond shape, which when tied, form an arch and a crescent edge.”

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