Who made the flapper dress? – Flapper Dress Costumes For Girls

The flapper dress was made by Louis Kahn from London in 1910.

When was it made?

It was advertised in 1915, printed in a brochure the following year.

How did it fit?

It was fitted in the centre, on the arm, with very short sleeves and long sleeves.

Is it a true classic?

It did appeal to British women during the 1920s and 1930s, although we are not sure how many of the original 50,000 dresses still survive.

The dress itself is fairly inexpensive, £5, compared with £12 for a suit and £25 for a suit and dress. But, it has been made out of many different materials, from silk, wool or satin to silk, satin, silk, wool, cotton and satin, giving the flapper dress a very unique fashion, which was certainly unique as a dress for women of the time.

What are some famous women who were flappers?

There are many, including Helen Mirren, Helen Hayes, Shirley Williams, Joan Crawford, Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Eva Peron, Diana Ross and Brigitte Bardot, although most flappers were not known to people at the time.

The first known photograph of Helen Mirren is of her in her early teenage years, when she looked just like anyone else.

What was the reason for making it?

Helen Mirren’s mother was a seamstress and in 1902 she met, and fell in love with, Louis Kahn, who was selling silk dresses at the time. In 1911, Mirren went on to study to be a seamstress and worked for Kahn for the next eight years, before moving to New York.

It was in New York that the flapper dress was first made.

What is your advice to aspiring flappers who are looking to make money?

Don’t try to get rich quick, although, there are many successful flappers in the USA, such as Marjorie Merriweather Post and Mary Wells in Tennessee, who both achieved success. Rather, it is to have fun and to find and pursue a niche in your industry – such as theatre.

How do you think the flapper dress would be remembered now?

It was a very sexy and glamorous form of fashion for women as the 1920s dawned on the fashion scene. Indeed, the popularisation of this fashion during the 1940s and

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