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Bruno Pauté was a French garment designer working in Paris in the late 19th century when he was inspired by a flapper dress he saw in Paris. According to a biography by Anne de Vos on www.flanpauté.eu (www.flanpauté.eu)

He used the name Pauton to represent his designs.

When he opened his shop on 19 April 1830, he would charge 10 francs for a dress in the usual style: short and high.

In the 1860s, a dress called the Pauton dress (see image above) had become fashionable in Paris. It featured a high neckline. At least seven versions with a low neckline were created between 1849 and 1855.

In the 1940s, the pendant button was introduced to further differentiate the different dress styles.

As you can see, there are several versions of the same dress available to make an individual fashion statement.

How about the famous ‘flambous’ hair style?

The term “flamboyant” originated in France before being popularised by the Beatles during the 1960s. In reality, it was invented in the UK in a book called “The Flamboyant Hair Cut” published in 1937. The book described the flamboyant hairstyle and its use by British entertainers such as Charles Laughton, Count Albero de Staël and Sir Laurence Olivier.
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Another name for this hairstyle is the “glam” hairstyle because it is commonly worn by a lot of artists, models and celebrities and is very attractive when wearing it in public.

The popularity of this hairstyle has been gradually decreasing in the UK.

Flamboureux – The Flamboyant Hair Style

A hairstyle used to attract attention but with a more sophisticated look.

This style also known as “glamstyle” is very popular in Paris, Monaco and Italy.

In the 1960s, people in the UK began to notice something very unusual was happening: the flambourous hairstyle had become a fashion trend. The most recent famous American celebrity who adopted this type of hair style was Jackie O in the 1969 film “Glamour”, where she wore an almost unique flamboureux hairstyle.

See our flamboureux hairstyle article for more information.

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