Who was the first flapper?

Why don’t you tell us?

I was not married. It was a great night because all of us came up with a plan to marry at the same time. We were really surprised at the results and how close the couples were. At that time, we all met in college. They all had identical looks and were all from the same place, Paris.
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But before you go on to answer this question, please read my interview with Elizabeth Hurley as I had this great time during my time in Paris:

Elizabeth Hurley: “It was a really good day. It was a very busy day. We were all very lucky that they had an early wedding in the afternoon and all came, even the people who were not supposed to be in one party and who were in several parties. I remember it very well! I think they were the best ones in the end, with a great look at the bride and her mother. There was such happiness there! We all had a lot of fun in the streets that day. I always had a feeling that it could have been great but it wasn’t, just a really great day all around.”

Who was the first male flapper? Why don’t you tell us?

The flapper’s brother came up with the idea of having a man and a woman attend the wedding together. But the flapper’s father thought that it would be more “interesting” if their parents attended, but the brothers did not want to force them on them. We had a nice look at all of these couples and I still remember with tears that we had a woman and an old lady. But the bride is my favourite. It’s just a really good wedding day all around!

What was the first time you saw a flapper? Why don’t you tell us?

There was a party at a family’s house in a suburb in the north of France, at an old home. We were just there, and we were just looking at the couple and I was very interested. It was this girl in a black dress at that time. It was this first time I saw her.

Who is the first flapper you would really love to see on TV?

I would love to see a flapper who doesn’t wear clothes on a daily basis! There were a lot of flappers who wore really nice clothing, like some French girls. There were times when I was at my mum’s and I saw her dress up. At this time