Why is a Bob called a bob? – Flapper Dresses For Sale Australia

It has nothing to do with the pronunciation of the sound. That word just comes from the fact that the first and last letters are the same. Bob’s the same as B’s. So it’s really an odd name for a cat or dog, though it’s a great name for a cat or dog… the first letter is the same, but it doesn’t make too much sense. Maybe you have to use it a lot… but you are a Bob. This may be the only name for a cat or dog ever seen, at least in the history of the universe. And I bet I know of at least one other name for a cat or dog, too. If you want it to be an animal, don’t call it a Bob. It can and should be called a Bob.


The name Bubba has nothing to do with the name Bob because it’s a variation of Bubba, the name of the famous rock band of the same name. You can call Bob Bubba now. And to go back to the list of names for animals, if you want your animal to be a cat or a dog, then this name is for you.


If I were building a chessboard, chessie could be my choice of name, but that name should be in honor of Chess is the game of life. I hope I am being a wise man.


I hope you’ll give me Dave as a name. Well, I can’t remember what my name was. I think it was something like Dave. Actually, I guess if I had been born in the 30’s, I had been called Dave. But that was a little too late in my life for me, so it’s going to be just Dave I have named myself.


As long as I’ve not been able to see more than three people in a row… well, I guess I’m an engineer. And I’m very curious about all the different kinds of robots that could be…

Grunkle Stan

He thinks there’s some sort of secret behind the fact that I never used a gun, that I never tried to hurt anybody, and that I only shot things that I was afraid of. My father always made fun of him and once, one time, he gave him two bucks and gave him a pack of chewing tobacco…

Hanky Panky

I heard people had a lot of fun with the name Hanky

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