Why is it called a flapper dress? – Flapper Dress Amazon

Because it’s flappers!

How to wear a flapper dress

Flamper dresses are short but loose.

And these things are so fabulous.

I do all kinds of fun things with it.

We’ve put it up on our dresser.

I can wear this dress under my blazer and get a great look.

We’ve put this dress as a graduation dress in our wedding.

What’s your favorite thing about a flapper dress?


That’s why I am a flapper.

I know. That’s all you got!

Thank you, honey.

We’re all in that dress.

So I know I didn’t say this in class…

…but I know now how I’ve always hated this dress!

Is that a boy, baby?

Is that a girl?!

How about a girl-boy?

What do you think?!

I don’t know.

I’ve never been a boy,

and I’ve never been a girl.

I just know I want to be with you.

We are so intertwined.

You’re all I’ve got…

We’re so alike, honey.

Black 1920s Drop Waist Flapper Dress with Ivory Trim ...
My whole life I’ve thought

this dress should be a boy’s dress because

we’re similar size. How about

a boy’s skirt? I could try that.

It looks amazing,

but it’s too short. What’s wrong,


What are you wearing?

You’re not supposed to be in that.

I am not wearing anything at all!

No, I mean…

It’s just that

it doesn’t seem right. I’ve looked everywhere

for a reason!

I feel that we should change that. I

want you to wear a dress.

A special girl’s dress.


I have a feeling this won’t go over well.

Well, here’s the deal:

Since you aren’t here,

I have no choice but to go it alone.

I’ve already decided. I am

going to go the same way you did.

My dress is all about me,

so I guess I have to stay

by myself, okay?

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