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Yes! A normal man weighs 160 lbs and a light horse 100 lbs. They have different needs (belly to fill, eyesight, etc.), so the heavier one will be lighter and able to do what is best for it. The weight is relative, however – some men weigh more than others.

How much does it cost to set the horse up?

It will cost you about $200 to put a set of the trainers on a horse, including feeding/care. Most are about $500 for the trainers. The same person can use a small tractor for more work.

On Friday, The New Republic was among the publications to take a beating from the Washington press corps, all for the simple fact that in its defense of Israel-firsters and their “pro-Israel” views that have led it down a bizarre and dangerous path, the magazine had a front-page article about a former pro-Palestinian leader whose views are widely rejected as having had no merit at all.

The piece, by Robert Dreyfuss, began with a sentence declaring that “The pro-Israel movement’s problem is more than a decade of anti-Semitism.” That is, Dreyfuss’s anti-Palestinian views are rooted not in any historical or objective reason, but are, rather, in a willful and self-serving, and politically motivated, distortion of history. And, as the piece explains, “the only way to restore your credibility” is to apologize and admit that you were wrong, and to make reparations to the people you wronged. (Dreyfuss also made apologies to the anti-Israel crowd.)

That is, as Dreyfuss sees it, the only way to save the Jewish people: apologize, retract your history, and pay back.

The problem with Dreyfuss’s arguments is that to the extent that his history isn’t about Jews and Israel-firsters, it’s entirely about the Jews and Israel-firsters he has now been exposed to — which, for reasons that will become clear in a moment, is a much different bunch and on a much different timeline to the one that his fellow travelers and readers are used to. If a pro-Israel group, in the 1960s and 1970s, wrote that there was no “Israel Lobby,” Dreyfuss would be on it.

But if that same organization in the 1980s, or a far-right group in Israel in the 80s, has written that

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