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What about eating beef from cattle? What is cruel about taking a knife, chopping it in half and eating it whole? What about killing a deer and eating the carcase?

What about killing a lion and eating the carcass?

If it’s just a matter of eating what the meat is made from, a person who eats a lamb, a goat or a pig will be eating the same thing his or her ancestors did for two thousand, three hundred and fifty years ago. If it’s only about how you can be more physically active and live longer, what about eating what most of the world eats? What about just being more environmentally sustainable?

If, like me, you’re a vegetarian, then eating meat may have become one of your biggest mistakes.

One of what’s called “big” health problems, such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and mental retardation, is not actually a problem in our society. We just fail to address it because we think it’s trivial. We’re the ones who don’t eat meat, the ones who do the most suffering, the ones who kill the animals, the ones who throw garbage into landfill, the ones who are most likely to be infected by viruses, and the ones who eat most of it.

If we want to address these problems, we have to stop blaming ourselves. It’s the only way we may come across any progress.

If we want to stop the spread of these diseases in the future, we are going to have to change what we eat. If you could change what you ate as a child, your whole life, then perhaps you can stop your children from eating such a thing. If you could change what you did as a child, your entire lifetime, maybe you can stop yourself from doing the same, and your grandchildren from killing the animals and throwing all of the trash into the landfill. In the end, though, a vegetarian diet will be the difference between life and death.

The only way humanity can truly get healthier or better treated is if each of us takes a few minutes every day to stop and think about how we consume our food. In other words, we have to stop and think about what we eat as a nation. How are the cows that feed our pigs raised? Are they treated with respect as they are slaughtered? How are the birds kept in cages when they are born? How are the pigs raised? Where do they live? How much energy are they exposed to?

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