Are racing horses cruel? – South African Horse Racing Calendar 2019

“If she could do it, she should make it a career,” said David Blomquist, owner of Blue Sky Resort in New Hampshire, which hosts the annual Belmont Stakes race this weekend. “It is not cruel.”

Racing is a “natural instinct,” Blomquist said. The animals “are bred to compete.”

“When people try to change that to a career … it would be pretty cruel,” Blomquist added.

‘Not cruel’

One of the racers whose animals got hurt was a former pro who was involved with the incident at the Kentucky Derby.

“She knew the horse was hurt,” said Bob Chappell, a former pro who was in the room when the accident occurred.

Chappell was a horse trainer at the time of the accident at the Kentucky Derby and he was in attendance when the horses were brought in to be checked out.

But Chappell, who is now based in Nashville, said the horses weren’t injured.

“It was just a freak accident,” he said. “It was not done purposely to hurt the horse.”

‘Not cruelty’

The accident didn’t violate any regulations. The Stakes, which takes place over two days, isn’t an actual race but is a series of events that allow the winner to be crowned as the world’s most famous horse.

“It is a fun show. People do not expect, in this case, to see a lot of animal sacrifice,” said Scott Bienenstiel, the race’s executive director.

The Belmont Stakes is sponsored by Boston Properties, the parent company of the New England Patriots and the Washington Redskins.

“We are a charitable organization. We support our horse racing friends, our staff, our teams and friends in the world’s premier racing venue,” said David H. Siegel, the Patriots’ general manager. “We hope to see everyone enjoy the stables and fairs in Boston.”

The Belmont Stakes draws nearly one million entrants and is held at Churchill Downs.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether any charges were filed in the accident.

In a statement, the Belmont Stakes said the organization is currently “conducting a thorough and careful investigation.”

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