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What does the horse do when it’s whipped? (via @mariadave)

It seems like such a crazy idea, but there seems to be some truth to it. At least, that’s the case where I’m going to be going for now. But what we need is to start thinking like horses as well.

“What happens?” you may be wondering. How does the horse go about reacting when it’s whipped? After all, the whip is not real. It isn’t coming to us. Instead, this whole thing is created as a projection of a horse’s mind. This has been done with animals such as horses as well as humans. Now, it appears that the horse mind is actually something we can learn to control, and it is something we can use as a vehicle to change ourselves.

So how do we do that?

Horse learning

The question about how a horse acts when it’s whipped comes from the fact that, according to the animal, if his tail is hit, he goes “over in the hay.”

But how should we answer this question? I see some good points – even though that is kind of the point of our question – and some not so good ones.

First of all, we would want to think about how the horse actually reacts for ourselves – for some of us, the tails of our animals are not a normal part of our bodies, and it has made this a very unusual feeling and experience. If that is what you feel then it seems to me that you need to learn about this experience – the horse, in comparison to us, has a very different experience. That’s not to say that we should keep them completely from our lives, or force them from us. Rather, we should find and develop a way to understand these feelings so that we can learn more about how they have manifested in some people who are affected by how they live.

But, also, I’m wondering if we should think of this as a learning experience, too.

I think that what we need to do is to change our relationship to the horse. I have seen in myself that I have a problem with horses when the whip happens. However, there are some horses in my family who have learned that if it happens and they are hit, they won’t go over in the hay unless it is a small injury, but will go over when the horse is whipped.

At this stage, the horse is basically reacting just

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