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He was taken on a stretcher to an ambulance in a nearby town where the local hospital staff were doing their best to save his life for several hours, before driving him to a specialist hospital.

His condition was critical and he was initially being held in a separate wing for observation. But on 8 March, a member of staff noticed something was seriously wrong and called for an ambulance to pick him up.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The BBC’s Daniel Sandford says the ambulance that brought Seabiscuit to the hospital “looked more like a police car”

At the scene: Daniel Sandford, BBC News, Dhaka

The driver of the car carrying Seabiscuit, a 26-year-old truck driver, said his colleague drove his vehicle to the hospital, which is about half a kilometre away. The driver called an ambulance, a truck was brought to the hospital, and in about 15 minutes the ambulance arrived, carrying Seabiscuit, who died just before 12:00.

He died in the ambulance without receiving an ambulance. The driver and the driver, who was in the truck with Seabiscuit, were taken to a nearby hospital.

The driver explained: “After the ambulance took him outside, I saw that there were other patients around. It is not normal for a patient to be in such a car.

“I immediately called an ambulance, as the hospital was about eight km away. They immediately brought a truck and took the other passengers, who were also treated on the same ambulance.”

The ambulance was not allowed to take the driver to another hospital as it is a major hospital in Dhaka.

Mr Abdul was later released by the police. Police are investigating and the driver says he has been arrested and charged.

What are its origins?

Seabiscuit was produced in India in 2010 and is thought to have been launched abroad.

The BBC’s Daniel Sandford in Dacca, Turkey explains that Seabiscuit is widely recognised as a high-end model of an Australian cricket bat, and the two parts are made with different parts.

But it has been a year since the incident, and nothing has happened to it.

Why would an Australian manufacturer want to remove the logo from a cricket bat?

The Seabuck brand name was removed as a result of a legal battle, and the brand has now been sold back to India.

What do

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