How do I get good at horse racing? – Horse Racing Tips Forum

What is horse racing and when did it begin?

How is horse racing graded?

Who plays in horse racing?

How many horses do you need to own to pass the test?

What are the races and where does the practice race take place?

Is there a minimum age that you must be at in horses to pass the test?

How do I know if you are serious about owning horse racing horses?

What to do before buying or becoming involved in horse racing?

Do you have a horse racing organization and is the club registered with the American Racing Exposition (AREX)?

What do I do if there is a lawsuit claiming you are not a member of a horse racing league at all?

Do you provide sponsorship for horse racing?

Can your horse be put in any race at any track?

Should I go to my state fair’s horse racing fair?

How do I know if my horse is ready to race?

Can I buy a horse for my horse racing business?

How do I get insurance?

What is the difference between horse racing and dog racing?

Can you get a sponsor to sign a contract that says you have a relationship with their animal?

Can you keep racehorses when they pass the test?

How do I know it was a good test?

Do you offer scholarships to the best horse racing students?

How can you learn more about the sport of horse racing?

What are the rules and regulations of the sport of horse racing?

What is the definition of a horse in English Law and what is the definition in French Law?

I’m interested in purchasing a horse for my own use. Can I get a racing license if I don’t meet certain requirements?

How does horse racing compare to dog racing?

I already have one horse, but would like to get another horse. What do I do?

Am I doing it right as an owner?

How does horse racing compare to other sports?

Can I use the horse and be considered an owner on the same basis as someone who owns a car?

Am I required to sign any agreements with a horse?

How can you find out if your horse is a winner or not?

Do the horse racing standards apply to my business?

Do I need to hire a race agent to conduct business in

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