How do you pick a horse to win?

Or perhaps you’re looking for the right horse? The American Horseman magazine has an exhaustive collection of the best horses available in the world and it’s full of pictures and informative quotes from trainers, handlers, owners, and riders alike.

When you do find the horse of your dreams, you’ll be glad and satisfied because the horse’s journey may be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in life.

If you’re looking for some horses we’ve listed below that might be right for you, don’t forget to read the article at as well that includes photos and descriptions of the specific horses you’re looking at.

1. Arabian Wonder Horse by Dory, Dory, Dory by Dory

In addition to the gorgeous Arabian Wonder Horse, Dory features a small, white, and silky female, which is the perfect match for that white skin. Her long, thin legs make her look more like an equestrian dancer than a horse. She is also quite large with an amazing build, which makes her horse-like appearance more believable.

Dory is a long-distance runner and is also pretty docile. It’s not hard to find Dory in a crowd on a trail if you know your way around and you can always find her if you want to walk her on a trail. There are some hills for you to work with though, so if you’re looking for a more challenging trail or a longer ride, then take a look at our other favorite horse pictures.

Dory is a pretty good mount for anyone looking for a great ride. She’s fun, smart, and looks awesome in motion. She’d also make a good companion to a puppy.

2. Alaskan Thunder by Lola, Lola, Lola by Lola

Lola is quite a bit of a story teller. This equine is so well known in Alaskan for her endurance ability and the fact that she’s very tolerant for people at any age. She’s definitely the most popular horse for adults.

She has a great personality and is playful, energetic, and full of character. She is also very loving and gentle, which make Lola the most popular horse around.

3. American Legend by Chunk, Chunk, Chunk by Chunk

This little horse is not only fun to ride with him, but he’s a great companion for kids all the way around. With this horse in