How do you pick a horse to win?

That’s such an important question. It is what makes a horse great. All great horses are born great. Not great for a day, but great for a lifetime. I’m no great horse person and I’m not always clear on what makes my animals great. But, I think you, the reader, would agree with my stance.

So, what’s a great horse? It’s a horse that is not afraid, that doesn’t worry about it’s competitors, that doesn’t give up, that doesn’t give in. He can keep going and keep going, and he wins. There are a couple of important things to consider. The first is that a great horse is a horse that’s not afraid, not worried about winning, that never gives up. He will get his chances in the race no matter what. For example, if you’re a great runner, you can race your old dog, but you’ve never ever raced before. You can’t put your heart and soul into that race.

You can’t put your heart and soul into a race that’s going to be hard. They say the best runners of history have never raced. They say they’re never going to do that. What’s going to be the exception? The horse can keep going. He’s going to beat everyone else. He should be that way and has to be that way. That’s what makes a great horse.

I think about people, “What am I going to do? I’m tired of the race. I don’t want to fight, I don’t want to lose.” I know people love to race. I do, too. But if you love people, when they do not want to race you, I think the thing that you’ll do is you’ll do what it takes to keep them around you. You should be one of those races or events that they love. I think you do that in the racing world.

Then in life you can look at your legacy. Are they better off because they’re around, or are they worse off? People who don’t win will say, “It would have been nice to win and get the accolades.” How are those people going to live their lives? It doesn’t matter if they were in a band. They’ll keep going. They’ll still go to their gigs. They’ll still do shows. They’ll still be on the road. They might not be as successful financially, but they’ll still go to their gigs.

What will