How do you pick a winning horse? – Longshot Horse Racing Tips

You start by researching the horses that are the best in certain markets. You can do so by buying one, winning it in a race or by having great racing records.

1. Find a good horse

This is not the only way a good horse can get noticed. People may be looking for a horse that has won a race or been good at a particular event. Finding a good horse can make all the difference.

2. Find the best promoter

When you buy, there is a whole lot at stake. As you have researched the best horse, you should decide the price, if any, and the type of the sale.

3. Make a list

With a good horse, you may be able to find someone willing to pay more than you think he will.

4. Pick out a number

Forget all the hype and start searching through the sales listings of the horse. Look for horses that sell better than other horses at a certain sale, or that will sell at a particular price. Be sure to select the right horse for your position.

5. Check the results

Sometimes the horse has beaten the sale at a certain price so much that the sale price may seem too good to be true. In that case, ask the seller about the seller’s experience and performance. This may help you understand the value that is being offered at that price.

6. Wait
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If you decide that the horse is not a good choice for your position, find another.

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