How do you play Lightning basketball?

It’s easy – you just shoot. It was an early development of what the game has become. So it’s something you develop as a player in basketball.

How much are you on the floor?

I’m on the court 30 minutes at a time, and we just play basketball, so no matter if I come from the paint, from the weakside or anywhere in between. If I’m on the wing I’m a five, so just go out there and shoot.

What are the best things about being with your teammates?

You know how we talk a lot like brothers? It’s a great group. It’s a great relationship, great guys who work hard. You know, when people ask me “How are you today”, I say “You know what? It doesn’t matter, let’s keep going.” You know, it all depends, but our chemistry is unbelievable. You see, I’ve got a great relationship with Mike, Mike’s got a great relationship with Anthony (Grimes), he’s a great coach, so it’s just an amazing thing that they’re all guys in the locker room, so you know it’s easy going there.

You were named First Team All-SEC during your freshman year. How did it feel to be drafted that high?

It wasn’t that hard. If you ask myself, a lot of people don’t think I had the talent to be a NBA player, so that was really my goal coming into high school, is to get my shot up. I got my shot up. You know, being able to get in the workout and go to the gym and get my shot up, that was one of my major goals when I was on campus. Just getting my shot up.

So it is a relief that you’re here at Kentucky now, and you’ve been drafted, but is there one thing it’s made you realize about yourself?

It’s helped me a lot. I was a very insecure person growing up. I always didn’t believe that I could be an NBA player – if you knew me, I’d say that I can and that’s all my goal is to be a pro, which I know I’m not. So it’s definitely helped me in all aspects of my life. I’m very well prepared for a college game. That’s something that I was not prepared for growing up.

What is the biggest thing you’ve accomplished at Kentucky?

I definitely wouldn’t say