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For my first race card, I used the color code on the race card to locate the race. The “Carnival” cards are white-on-white and are designed to be played in the Carnival game. For the race “Tropical Storm”, I used the light colors of the cards to denote the races. Finally, the color yellow is used to indicate that the card is for the “Tropical Storm” game.
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Cards that appear on a color card in the main game can only be played in other races. In my second race card, I used the light colored cards to designate my two opponents. I also used the yellow color to denote that I was playing “Hot Water”. When a player plays a card with no effect, he must discard it to the pile. The pile becomes the player’s turn. There is a two-discard rule for both player and pile as well. The player’s turn continues to the end of the round. If a runner has no runners in the game, the game will end and both players will re-pile their discarded cards until they have enough cards in their hand to fill one of their available runners. If there are extra cards in the hand, they must be discarded to the pile. The end of the game is the player’s turn, not the pile. When a player’s turn ends, each player puts up one card from his hand to his opponent’s hand, except his hand. Then each player’s turn ends and that player’s hand is played. After that, both players move from their player’s side of the table to the left of where they started.

What role cards will you be playing during the game? I will play 3 cards that I call “The Role Cards.” These are my special roles during the game. The 3 cards each have a unique effect that can be played in any of their categories on turn one by taking the three color cards and combining them into a new color card. It is important to note, however, that all roles are not the same. For instance, an Iceman’s Ice Power cannot be played into the same categories as an Fireman’s Fire Power. Each role represents a different type of play or strategy. After each race, each player must shuffle all of his cards into his hand. Each player then brings his hand of cards to a table located on the sidelines. He must then place his card face-down on any table surface and must stand facing up on the table until the game begins

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