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For the first time, a large portion of the planet’s surface will be exposed to solar radiation, researchers at Washington State University say. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can create powerful clouds of chemicals and chemicals, including the ozone — which protects the planet from more damaging solar rays.

The first part of the plan will see the use of a large array of mirrors for the removal of ozone. The second phase will involve the development of a novel chemical reaction, which will capture chlorine on the order of 2 percent of chlorine dioxide (CCl2) from the atmosphere and convert it to nitrogen dioxide (NO2). According to WSU Atmospheric Chemistry Professor Steve Rippee, the process has the potential to lower atmospheric concentrations of ozone in the atmosphere by three to eight percent.

Rippee and fellow researchers developed their new method for removing the ozone, known as solar energy capture, in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley Atmospheric Chemistry Research Laboratory.

“This new solar energy capture process gives us an opportunity to remove at least part of the ozone layer,” Rippee said. “This work opens up an extensive area of research for solar energy capture.”
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WSU Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry Mark Anderson also worked at Berkeley when the team created the new chemical reaction. Anderson is the principal investigator for the project.

The experiment will be similar to the previous phase of the solar energy capture project, which was developed by NASA scientists. The goal of this new solar energy capture project is to reduce ozone levels by up to seven percent. It will be run in order to further investigate the solar energy capture process, and determine if it can be scaled more broadly depending on the need for reductions. The solar energy capture systems used in the first phase of the project were built by Lockheed Martin Corporation.

“This new technology could have the potential to be scaled up in the future,” Anderson said. “This means that we could have

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