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When the two halves meet, they come together. This is how the trifecta of “F” and “T” in F-R is born, and they come together in the “K” trifecta F-K.

Why use “F” and “K” instead of a single “I”?

A single “I” will not complete the equation. The second part is an approximation, and the third part is the answer. We also have many other possible ways to solve the equation, including two sides with the same coordinates and two directions with the same coordinates (this is common when describing two points on a plane or two parallel arrows). So we use a different type of word to represent each of these alternatives.

The “D” “K” and the “M” “T” in the names should be read as “D’s” and “K’s”. If the same word appears as “D” on a letter then the solution is not to be found. If the word appears on the “D’s” then the answers are possible, and in some cases the first solution will be preferable. For example, we might use the “M” in the middle of the F letters to mean “middle”.

Another common usage of this equation is with the “F” and “K” in “S” and “M” or “U” and “N”.

“G” and “B” are used to solve the “K” and F-K equations.

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“K” and “F” are the same name as two letters in alphabet, so they can always be used interchangeably.

“F” and “D” also make good names for three letters and the three letters “I”, “U” or “N”.

The “Y” “U” and “H” “F” and “K” formulas are equivalent to each other. The only difference is what letter to use when you want the answer to appear on your answer card.

The “K” and “U” and “H” “F” and “C” formulas are equivalent to the “F” and “G” formulas, but there are other solutions that work also for these two letters.

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