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Each of the three trifectas can be considered one single “triplet” of the total solar system. But, the trifecta is actually quite small in actual size. It is only about 1/100,000th of the distance between the Sun and Earth. So, the total size of the triples of the solar system is actually less than 1 percent of the total distance between the Earth and Sun.

What causes the three trifectas?

To find out how these triples formed, scientists started from the Earth. They searched the entire sky for any objects bigger than about one mile in diameter. They found many of these objects. These new objects, called “Supernovas,” can be seen as faint pulsars in the Northern Hemisphere. If NASA’s Swift satellite, which has been observing these objects for nearly 40 years, had been looking at the sky only a couple of decades ago, Supernovas might have gone unnoticed from the day when a person first saw the Supernova 1987A. This bright and extremely massive star, which is about as old as our sun, exploded in a supernova remnant that caused the mass death of the star. The resulting shock wave, and hence the starlight, travelled a very, very long way, and now we see it all around us everywhere except the Earth, where our Sun and its outer atmosphere block most of it.

The third Supernova, M81 is the most famous and visible source in our galaxy, located about 11 million light years away. This explosion of a white dwarf, a small neutron star and a black hole has been observed by astronomers for over two decades. As these three sources came about due to the supernovae of a similar size, it is likely that the three were created by these three very large stars. This means that all three of them, the supernova, the two black holes and the neutron star, were created within the last 30 million years, which is within the last billion years, and is the most likely time period in the history of our universe to have started from the Earth.

Is the sky completely different now?
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The Milky Way galaxy is probably so large it is visible from Earth. But even though the sun and its planets are more than 25 million miles away, it is still possible to see the Milky Way from Earth. The sun shines only at certain times of the year, and during those times, the sun is visible from most of the Earth.

As the

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