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If a race has one winning horse, who wins? Which of the two races wins? Which one wins in which order? How many horses are ridden? If there are more horses than cars, what race wins? What if, in the end, there is only one horse racing? What if the two horses race, and the one horse loses? What, then, is the result? If a race is over when the last horse is out, which horse wins the race? If the winner is not the winner when the last horse is out, which of the two horses is better and who wins? And so on…and so on. The questions themselves are so confusing that one of my co-workers—who, incidentally, is also a professional car racer—said to me: “I’m a professional car racer, so I’m sure I could find some way of saying who is doing what or when. But not many of us can have an active relationship with that sort of information.”

At the top of the race is a race horse called Blue. Blue died at the start, with more than four hundred horse lovers lined up to salute him along the track—some in pairs, some in pairs, some in threes, so many that the track got choked up. The race was not over when Blue died. Blue had more than passed a thorough exam; he had passed a test that will determine whether he will be allowed in the Olympics at the start of this year. If Blue wins the race, he will be considered the Olympic champion. If he loses, Blue was a loser—a failed Olympian or a failed car racer. So why are there horse-loving fans lined up to do this sort of thing? Why do they keep coming back, every time this horse goes in the race?

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The answer is, not only because Blue is a very good horse, but also because he’s a great example from the world of professional racing, which has recently been experiencing a revival in the United States. It was a rare thing when many professional horses were retired. Many of them have been sold to breed shelters or have been retired on the farm to live out the remainder of their lives in old homes or barns. But in 2004, professional racing found itself under a real economic crisis. Some trainers were being squeezed out and others had to cut salaries in order to make ends meet.

In the United Kingdom, where professional horse racing is based, there’s a much larger pool of racing horses from which to buy

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