How many horses die a year in horse racing?

What about that one guy who killed the horse he was riding? What if he had lost an eye?

If all those deaths could be prevented, then maybe these “high stakes” games could be stopped. A more humane alternative would be to make a game more serious and more dangerous, and let the stakes be lower. And, of course, the game would cease to be entertainment.

In recent years, Google has been pushing a number of features in Chrome to try and push mobile devices to the limits of browser capabilities. Unfortunately, the company is failing miserably, according to multiple reports:

The mobile Safari app that runs on all iOS and Android devices is crashing. This feature is only available on the Google Play Store and has since been updated by Google to include more stability. The Chrome-based web viewer is now “lazy loading”. The page loads slowly at times. The Chrome browser will not open tabs. The tab view page opens after a few seconds. Chrome will refuse auto-play audio. The website will load poorly on some devices. Some sites (YouTube) won’t load. Chrome is not displaying web content to the Chrome OS. These issues can typically be remedied by updating Chrome to a more recent build.

The most noteworthy part here is how Google is failing to get mobile devices to work with Chrome, but I think it’s important to note that all of these issues will be fixed in a future release. According to The Next Web, in the meantime, the most pressing issue at the moment is the issue with web browsing:

Google Chrome has a long way to go to truly compete with iOS and Android. The company clearly hasn’t thought through the implications of bringing Chrome to multiple platform platforms while at the same time using the same underlying platform. This means the company is losing out on both the mobile and web market, despite some efforts. In the meantime, Google says it is looking ahead, which also is good. If Google can solve these issues, it will have to come up with a new mobile platform for Chrome.

In any case, Google’s current browser is slow, and that needs to change quickly.

Source: Next Web

SOUTH FULTON — With the death of three men last month, a family is mourning.

South Fulton authorities say they believe the shooting is connected to two shootings in which two men were shot by a homeowner in April, but they are asking the public for help.

They also are asking any witnesses to the