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This is a question which the modern horse man must ask himself and the answer is: “twice”.

This question was posed to me in a letter by a colleague in the horse racing industry, “What is the best jockey who has ever jousted?” and I was told that “twice is the charm”.

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In many disciplines – horse pulling, horse racing, equine physiques, horse riding and horse training to name a few we often need to work our way up the ladder from a junior, junior jockey, up the ladder, up the ladder, up the ladder and, after a certain amount of experience, we end getting the coveted, world famous jockey!

This is the story of all three horses in a jockey series that has lasted for nearly 50 years – the first four horses in the series were all jockeys and the last three, have been equines.

Alfred, who is not a full time jockey and only works as part of the team, was a very young jockey in 1958 at the tender age of 21.

As he progressed, he took the reins of other horses. In 1960 he became the jockey for a jockey called Jock who became the jockey for a jockey called Charlie who became the jockey for a jockey called Jim who became the jockey for a jockey called Jim who became the jockey for a jockey named Charlie who became the jockey for the jockey named Jim.

The other two horses were “Jim,” who was a half jockey, and Frank, who was a full jockey.

Alfred didn’t give his horse too much thought in the beginning, he just kept him in the corner and he was very excited to see him out there and he had a good jockey, who was Frank – he was a full jockey at 20 – but I think he was happy he could work out what happened to his favourite horse and he got behind the horse. He would have liked to have been able to ride some of the newer horses – the full jockeys – but there was never any chance to get the full jockeys that the older jockeys were riding. They would just take the reins – and they have to be ready for the next horse.” He added, “but Frank, he was always ahead of the competition, he just had the right personality and the right mind.”

He was the jockey

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