Is the Racing Post app free? – Bitlife Horse Racing Reddit


How can I get started in the Racing Post app?

Create an account.

I created an account. But I can’t get started. What should I do?

Log into your account.

Is there a tutorial or anything you can take me through?

Yes! There’s a free, self-paced online instruction course in the Racing Post app. It’s easy to follow because it’s designed to appeal to novices. You’ll learn by doing, using fun and engaging graphics and features.

What’s the best part about this app?

The fact that we give you the power of your smart phone to learn and get better at race driving. You can learn to drive with a phone and race in this app with your friends. You can play against anyone and anyone’s friends. You can even join our community for tips and tricks on racing with a phone and racing with cars. You can do this using your free iOS 7 or higher devices. If you’re using any other device—including your smartphone—try out our free “Get Started with the Racing Post app” guide to get you going!

Do I need to be on a GPS-enabled computer or phone to download this app?

No, the application runs just as well on a mouse and keyboard.

How is the Racing Post app funded?

This is supported by the generosity of Ford Motor Company (NASCAR, Fords) and Ford Performance Vehicle Manufacturing (FPRM, Ford).

Why is the Racing Post app free?

There are no ads.

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