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You make up it; no one else needs it.”

Bucky: “I know that.”

Steve: “In this case it might be more accurate to say that you’re making up the track.”

Bucky: “How about we try something a little more… realistic? You’re a doctor! You’re supposed to be able to make a proper diagnosis from a series of charts and graphs. And if you can’t, no one else can.”

Bucky is interrupted. Steve: “Bucky.”

Bucky: “Hey, Steve? My mother used to say that, if you don’t believe what people say about something, you should see for yourself. That’s a good rule, by the way.”
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Steve: “Bucky… we’re really friends now, aren’t we?”

Bucky: “Yeah.”

Steve: “So we shouldn’t let any of this get to you. If we ever need someone, you just ask; if I ever need you, I’ll always tell you.”

Bucky: “I’ll never go without you, Steve.”

Steve: “Yeah, and you’re my best friend.”

Bucky is shot in the stomach, and dies a few weeks later.


Steve: “I’m not sure how you did that to me… but I’ll take it the rest of my life.”

Bucky: “All right. Now I’ll be your best friend.”

Steve: “You’re probably right. It’ll be good for you.”

Bucky: “Don’t you think so? You know, I’ve been thinking…”

(Steve sighs)

Steve: “…maybe you can try to fix me yourself – if that’s okay?”

Bucky: “What about you, Steve? It’s weird what that must be like for you. Especially now that we’re friends, and…”

Steve: “I like it.”

Bucky: “Well… let’s get a life together.”

Steve: “And we’ll always fight like I’m still in high school…”

Bucky smiles.

“Bucky. I’ll be back… in a couple months.”



“Good night, Cap. I still love you.” (to Winter) When she was about to kill him.

Steve Rogers : “You were the first

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