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Drawn from science fiction, fantasy, history and mythology.

The three races can be classified according to various traits, such as the race’s ability, intelligence, or morality. There are also more universal traits such as color, sexuality, race, class, and nationality (or even religion).

There are many variants of the same race and some even have a “species” designation.

This list is by no means comprehensive.

Races, Demotions, and Traits

This is our list of the most common humanoid races in fiction, including the most common fantasy races, humanoids and supernatural races. (Note: many more races are available than those above and are represented on this page.)

The following subcategories of races list those races more commonly seen, while smaller subcategories list lesser-known variants, exceptions and other forms of the same race.

Subcategories and Variants


In the novels, the gnoll is a smaller species with a few humanoids and giants among its ranks, but it is the smallest race with such a large diversity of forms. The books are more diverse with Gnomes and Halflings, more dwarves and goblins, and even a few elves. This is the only racial subtype that does not have more than one type; it does not divide the range of subclasses into two categories, for example, Half-Elves and Halflings.

There are no known Gnoll subtypes, but there are a few races of dwarves that have been described as Gnolloids.

In the real world there are over 40 known races, with another 40 subspecies. There are even more “supernatural races” in the form of magical creatures, including dragons, demons, zombies and the elementals. In the gaming world there are dozens of races. Some have humanoids, some elves, some other races and some other specializations.

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The mummies (sometimes called pygmies) have only a few notable variants:

Pygmy: This is a subcategory that is only one subtype (humanoid) and was not introduced in the novels. It is mentioned in the series but never used.

Frog-munching mummies: These are the best known subspecies, and are used as the basis for the race of dwarves.

Bogman: This may be the smallest race, just over 3 feet tall

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