What does a soft track mean?

It really depends, but it typically means just the music has soft, mellow beats that do not get too wild nor does it sound like it is going really fast, or just a little bit of something that is more mellow or light. It also means that while the music is loud, it is also not too fast or too loud or too loud, and the whole tune should have a pretty fast pace to it, but that doesn’t always mean you need to be in a hurry to start.

Are you using a synthesizer or an algorithmic approach to create and shape the track?

No, I am just using what is comfortable for me to hear. I was using both a drum machine and a sequencer, but I switched recently to using an analogue sampler and I have been enjoying listening to an analogue synth and the DAW I use. I also did not want to put the song on a very long loop, but rather a very short one so it sounds even longer. This makes it suitable for me when I am travelling and working for long periods.

How much audio was it before the recording process and how much was it after? (What did you mix the song with, i.e. FX, loops etc.)

After everything was finalized I recorded the song in two different mixes. In the first mix I recorded the drums using the Roland TB-303, the bass by Korg X, and the vocals in Audio-Technica AT-LP3. The latter part was recorded with my Yamaha DX7, which is a huge difference in it’s quality compared to my DAW used.

How long did it take you to write the song? How did you decide on the song?

I really liked the song before I even got to writing it and as soon as I got to writing it I started feeling that it sounded really good. Then I did not have time to write more. I had to take a long time with the recording of the song because my studio was on the way so it was already pretty late, and at that point I wrote it in one week. I actually did write one other song before I got to the recording of the song, but that one was the best song I ever wrote and I have kept it a secret for almost 2 years now.

I really love how you play the piano and you’re definitely a pro pianist/composer. What would you compare your style to?

My style is similar