What does boxing a horse bet mean?

A horse bet is like a bet. It means that you are making an amount of money from one horse that you think you can’t lose. That is the horse bet. There are four horse bets that you can be making if you play a match where both horses bet on a point. If one side decides to bet the same amount and wins, the winning horse will still be the loser. It is like betting against a casino. When the game has ended, the horse that bet the most money gets to make a horse bet. This is called a straight horse bet. For example, if one horse bets $10, it will always lose if the other side bet $2. That is why a straight horse bet is called a straight horse bet. It can be used the same way as a handicap, by placing a bet at a place that has a high chance of winning which one cannot win but rather has a small chance of losing.

When a match ends in a tie, either one horse will win that bet since they both bet equal amounts, or both horse will win which one of them will bet more money. The higher the bet placed, the more expensive it is to play. Here are the four horse bets:

1. Straight (No handicap) horse bet. You get to decide which horse bet on an exact point with no handicaps. You can use the handicap to make a straight horse bet.

2. Tickle (Hindered by Handicap) horse bet. You have to bet a certain amount to win. As soon as one side win, the other side has to place a bet at a higher value. The one that loses will have to bet equal amount at a lower value. The higher the value at which no one bet more than $1, the more difficult the bet to win. The value at which no one bet more than $3 is called the “tickle”. The more the bet is done at a higher value, the more the stakes will increase.

3. Split horse bet. This horse bet is like a half horse bet. You can only gamble on one horse. The first option, no one bet will place a horse bet. The second option, one bet may buy at a more valuable horse for less money. The number bet on each horse is the same.
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4. Handicap Horse bet. This is exactly like a split horse bet except that the horse being bet depends on the handicap placed.