What does good to soft mean in horse racing? – Los Alamitos Horse Racing Results Chivalry Code

Here, courtesy of the Association of American Horseman (AAH), are a few other ways to describe this particular form of cheer.

1) There wasn’t a lot of fuss about this one:

You saw something like this, right. This has got to be the most “inbred” horse you’ve ever seen in your life. There are too many other horses running around in all of the different states in this race, and not one of them has anything to do with the race.

2) A little bit of bad news and a good news:

Here, we get the “bad news.” The poor horse had his neck broken and his front leg mangled, but the good news is that he actually survived. Now he’s going to be well cared for and get a nice, long trip home to go to the hospital on Monday.

3) A nice combination of words (in this case, “tough” and “hard”) and a positive message:

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So what do we have here? An awful-looking old horse that is looking forward to his long drive home, and we’ve got some big cheers for him. What else can we say?

4) If you’re so brave you could get lost in the mud and get back on your horse, you’re a hero:

And, yes! You’re not really just going into the mud. This horse is definitely trying to show his riders how much fun horses can be. (And the other riders are definitely trying to see him.)

5) You’ve never seen an older horse before:

But this one’s been there forever. This little guy is actually a couple of years older than our horses, which is pretty cool!

And then there are other horses that have been up there for awhile. But I’m going to make sure I don’t say “old” horses more than twice. (You’re not going to like me saying that, but it’s true, and if you’ve seen some people around here before, you’ve probably seen the old faces.)

And so the cheers continue, from all over our race. We call this the “Bald Horse” chant.

And, of course, the jockeys in front of them can get down to business when things get ugly. After they call for the “good news” horse from the back, each time he walks out they say “Good news” again, before they turn their backs

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