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It means running a race on a steep surface. It is typically on the track that the horses are run on for several days. The track is usually a flat track or a hill.

Is that when you can run a heavy-track race?

Usually, the first day is good, the second is bad.

I’ve never raced heavy track, can I be the first?

Nope. Only two horses in the history of our sport have ever won races on heavy track. One of them is Mr. Tuff, and other one is Mr. Lope. He won on the second day in 1933 and was followed by Mr. Tuff’s brother Mr. Lope.

Why was it called heavy track?

Because the riders had to do a lot of the riding around in the mud and water, like the race car drivers, so they called it that. The first person who ran heavy track had a problem and they gave him the run-out, or stopped him and told him to finish with all the horses in the lead, then they dropped him in the dirt. That was the first time that a race was run in the mud.

When has racing started to get harder?

That is a bit of a tough question, but a lot of it begins to happen around the turn of the century. In 1911 a horse named Poco was killed at a barn in Florida. The owner complained that the man who ran him was too rough and too rough and he had to be called out and thrown in the mud. He ran out to that barn and then jumped the fence in the other direction. A couple of weeks later in the same barn somebody threw him in the water and he drowned.

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The first man to run a dirt track race in America, when he ran the Kentucky Derby, won the race in 1859. The winner was called Bob. The winner was called Bob, not Bob. Bob was in the lead, but he was too rough to run a race on the track.

After he died, some people wanted to rename the track Bob Hope. But that had something to do with the name “Bob”, though.

Who invented the first track and who invented the first road race?

A track runner from the city of Bristol named John A. Williams invented a track run from one end of the town to the other in 1838.

In 1889 a road race was begun to open up a new route

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